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Consulting for Cyber Risk and Conflict


From Wall Street to the White House

Jason Healey, the founder of Conceptual Cyber LLC, has been helping senior leaders understand the issues of cyber risk and conflict since 1998. Then, he helped create the world's first joint command for cyber defense. Since then, he created the first computer emergency response capability at Goldman Sachs; coordinated response for the US finance sector at the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center; and advised the President on cyber issues at the White House. Through his thought leadership on these issues he is associated with Columbia University, Stanford University, and the Atlantic Council. 

With this experience and network of colleagues Conceptual Cyber LLC can help understand the incredible changes facing companies and nations in cyberspace.




New York, NY


Jason Healey



As society becomes more technologic, even the mundane comes to depend on distant digital perfection.
— Dan Geer